Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Rushes - Richard Barrett

Put the light on in
the afternoon / don’t turn it off.
They have come from
the past say the
cut and collars.
On new build estates / overspill
housing. Friend said
there’s a growing wave / re
- newed interest in
alternative analyses.
Inevitable nostalgic twinge.
So-called technological advances
/ half-way accomplishing
a subduing of nature.

Winter and shaved heads.
The tangle of motivations unpicked.
More difficult still when
considering the unknown of
cultural. Nothing but impressed.
I will sponsor you
£50.00. Can be done online.
If targets aren’t met
in this office your team-leader can
A photo for the blog / not taken
/ reasons wanted uncertain. In
Chinese buffets she gets some funny looks.
Talking and writing rejected.
No longer considered of much worth.

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