Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Midnight Masque - Affia Mustafa

Soon the room is dulled down
The masques become apparent
As the orchestra take their places
Music sheets absent from stands
The violinist’s bow glistens gracefully
As he begins to play the first note
The imagined conductor, raised arms
Begins the nights entertainment

Gowns flow across the floor
Sweeping away settled dust
As the tapping of dance shoes
Accommodates the faint music
Coat tails hang limp in wait
Hands held out, gloved, holding masques
Eyes meet across distances

So my eyes search for the familiar
As the gentle swaying begins
The Gown folded neatly around me
Revealing pale flesh above
Glowing beneath the candlelight
Flickering in shadows between time

I spy that ruby, Deep Red
Set high in a band of Gold
Decayed through time, heritance
Beckoning me forwards, hypnotising
As your fingers close, pushing
The Red Ruby becomes prominent
Catching the flicker of a flame close by

I see you longer
As you sweep behind the column
Snaking around unnoticed
As the flames hold many secrets
The masques conceal identity

I feel a sudden rush of air
Warm as though from your lungs
The flame so kind beside me
Flickers once more, then darkness.

I am surrounded by you
The music continues unknowing
I feel your warm fingers close
Trail down the nape of my neck
Follow the loose tendrils hanging
Gently caressing, releasing me

You take hold of the lace
Dark against my skin
You pull harder than expected
And from my hand it falls
What concealed my only secret
I turn sharply in your direction
In that moment I see truth
As the music haunts my thoughts
Your eyes fall deep into me

Taking my hand you lead, I follow
Into the moving bodies with time
Each beat and stroke of a string
Guiding them in perfect unison
We fall into place, a perfect fit
As your steps show me the way
Paving a path destined for me
You teach me the art of seduction

So gently does your Ruby Ring
Stand aside from my dark gown
Black interwoven with forest green
With a spot of blood within
Where your eyes pierced my soul
You move in closer yet
Seems you are not satisfied
With a mere dance with a gentle lady

As nature would have its hold
I hear it gently whisper in my ear
Telling me of actions yet to come
A warm flush creeps up from within
I lower my gaze, rest my tired head
As though intoxicated from sounds
You see this as your opportunity
My flawless unscarred skin awaits
As you pierced my soul deep
Your lips lock and you begin to take

My breath expires into you
Un-deterring you from further action
Keeping you enticed, your hold quickens
As does the striking of strings
Pale ivory keys, decayed with time
Punctuated pleasantly with Black

I feel your power pushing me
The cold stone against my bare back
Your life forces now coursing through
My once unscarred mind, body & soul
Yet it seems this is not enough
You pull away, quickened breath, unsatisfied

I seek solitude in the dark
Now pleasantly surrounding me
Attempts to regain composure
Soon falls short, unfulfilled
I feel you force me further

Your darkness now comes closer
Freezing my ability to repel
You seek to fulfil your desire
And from the pulsing of the music
My blood pulsates through that vein
Each beat mimicking the cold plucking
Of a string tied taut between poles
Which like a predator your gaze falls upon

You move fast, forward
Seeking your nectar of life
And the physical piercing of skin
I hear it break, bringing pain

Gently using your tongue
Guiding the pain away
I find pleasure in your action
Like the embarrassed maiden
My gaze turns away
As you drink your fill

Finally satisfied you heal me
Leaving not a mark to tell
But a drop, almost a shadow of your Ruby
Sits silently above a tender breast
Holding onto the column for strength
As my blood now runs smooth
Intoxicating you with innocence

Bowing low before me in gratitude
Your hand finds my velvet masque
Raising your head, eyes searching
Place it gently in my hand
A promise of a future meeting
A token of what has been

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