Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Untitled - Francis

My wife had been passing the salt (NaCl) more slowly than before and slightly to the left and according to this internet site, that means that she is hiding something. I thought nothing of it, surely the fading of our passion couldn’t manifest itself in something so banal, so meaningless, but then, I do consider the addition of salt to be fundamental to any meal (and she knows this). No, thoughts of that nature must vanish like stains when carefully treated with milk and bleach (a peculiar concoction I know, but the balance must be delicate).

A friend just called, Matt, (Matt Oiley), I’d told him of the now quickly mounting salt incidents and he too recognised the need for caution. “Where is she now?” (I’m not sure that they were his exact words, but he certainly uttered something to that effect). I replied, “She’s with a mutual friend [Josh Utter for your reference], playing Sony Playstation”. Matt paused before offering a supporting “Ahh”. “Yeah it all seems pretty legit” I said, slowly realising…the Playstation…HAS NO GAMES!!!!!!!!

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