Friday, 1 May 2009


ok, so you're friendly team at unsung have been in a coursework/exam induced coma for the last month or so, hence the lack of updates...however, we've still been working very hard on the magazine and have got some news...

firstly we have just set up a blog at www.unsungmanchester.blogs we intend to use this blog to publish our magazine's content online ,aswell as those that we aren't able to publish in each follow the link and follow us for regular updates.

not only that but we're also if you also like the concise textual spewings of twitter come and follow us on

finally, the news you've all been waiting for...we've got our next issue in mid-production AND we've got our next launch night organised at the thirsty scholar on 31st May!!! WOW! make sure you keep the date free and we will garnish you with some more details nearer the time...

we're still accepting submissions for the next issue, so if you'd like us to publish your poetry, prose etc then email your work to

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